Influx Radio launched in way back in December 2016! Our aim is to bring you the best house and techno music, round the clock, 24/7!

In July 2017 we started working with Headroom Streaming and added a YouTube video stream onto our main Radio stream, becoming one of the first and few radio stations to embrace the online video platforms, streaming live on YouTube 24/7!


Our efforts soon paid off and we quickly rose to the top of YouTube, and established ourselves as leaders in the house music scene! 

We have Live DJs 7 days a week, and all our shows are automatically recorded and played back when ours DJs are not playing live.

See our full live schedule here!

We are more than just another radio station. In a record time, we have built a community of quality DJs and loyal fans! We don’t just play the finest music, we make you, the listener, feel a part of our station!

You can find us on all the major social networks and streaming platforms. Just search for "Influx Radio"!


You can find us in all the major Radio Apps & Directories, e.g. tunein etc!

Just search for "Influx Radio" to tune in to our radio streams in your favorite app!

We also have our own apps for Android and iPhone.

Just search for "Influx Radio" in the App Stores!


Influx Radio is a non profit organisation founded in 2016.


If you would like to donate to help our running costs, please use the PayPal button here: